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6 Levels

Zipan Program Content

6 Levels

Each level of the Zipan program focuses on a wide variety of skills and concepts designed to help you succeed in Japanese business. Work your way up through the ranks and levels and unlock your full potential.

  1. Starter
    Rank A − E
  2. Level 1
    Rank A − E
  3. Level 2
    Rank A − E
  4. Level 3
    Rank A − E
  5. Level 4
    Rank A − E
  6. Level 5
    Rank A − E
Level Content
  • You will acquire simple yet polite expressions and build a basic foundation in Japanese in order to communicate in daily business situations.
  • Learn how to express basic thoughts and opinions in a simple, polite, and effective manner.
  • Learn how to master daily office situations and proper Japanese business etiquette.
  • Learn how to effectively conduct business and achieve common goals through effective teamwork and communication strategies.
  • Learn how to effectively express yourself in a wide variety of complex scenarios while gaining a deep understanding of Japanese business culture.
  • Learn how to effectively demonstrate leadership through challenging business scenarios and case studies.
Number of Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
  • 50 Lessons
Lesson Content
  • Learn useful expressions for daily communication in the workplace while covering basic vocabulary, grammar structures, and writing necessary for Zipan Level 1.
  • Use polite business Japanese phrases based on JLPT N5 – N3 content.
  • Develop effective Japanese communication skills in a wide variety of business situations through engaging and pratical roleplays with your trainer.
  • Develop advanced coommunication skills with lessons focusing on "problem solving" and "decision making" through challenging roleplays and discussion-based activities.
  • Gain a deep understanding of Japanese culture, mentality, and values through meaningful and complex discussions on global culture.
  • Discuss, disect, and interpret various business case studies while focusing on improving your own thoughts, knowledge, and management-related skills.
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Zipan Program Lessons

Ranking Up

Zipan will help you improve your skills and communication abilities with regular and continuous feedback.

Learn and master each rank in 10 lessons with our 5-step system.

Review your previous lessons and improve upon any weaknesses.

Test your understanding of the material and your communication competency at the end of each rank and level.

Zipan Program Lessons

25-minute lesson flow

  1. Warm up
    • Greetings & Introductions
    • Review the previous lesson
  2. See
    • Confirm lesson goals and objectives
    • Read and study model dialogues and examples
  3. Try
    • Practice output and speaking
    • Receive feedback and corrections
  4. Act
    • Conduct a personlized roleplay and put what you learned into use
  5. Wrap Up
    • Receive final feedback and advice