About Zipan

What is Zipan?

Zipan is an online business Japanese language service that helps business people around the world SUCCEED IN JAPAN by teaching effective communication strategies and Japanese business culture.

What kind of programs do you have?

Who is Zipan for?

Can beginners take lessons at Zipan?

Can I take lessons from overseas?

Am I able to take a demo lesson?

Can I take a FREE TRIAL FOR each program?

Can I use 1 account for 2 people?

Are lessons available year round?

What time am I able to take lessons?

About our Lessons

What do I need to prepare for my lessons?

In order to ensure your lesson goes smoothly, please prepare the following:
1. PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone
2. Stable internet connection
3. Skype
4. A headset
5. Webcam (optional)

What are lessons typically like?

Can I take my lessons via video call?

What happens if I'm late for my lesson?

The trainer isn't calling me on time. What should I do?

Can I make requests regarding my lesson?

What is a lesson ticket?

How do I make a reservation with a Lesson ticket?

Reserving & cancelling lessons

Is there a limit to the number of lessons I can book?

You are able to book 5 lessons per month.

*You can book your next lesson after completing your currently reserved lesson.

When can I book a lesson?

How do I cancel a lesson reservation?

Are there any penalties if I am absent from my lesson?

If I could not attend 5 lessons a month, can I carry the rest to the next month?

About our Zipan Trainers

What are they like?

Our trainers are all experienced business professionals with high levels of communication and teaching skills. They each possess their own unique business and personal experiences and are here to help you succeed in your business in Japan.

Can Zipan trainers speak any other languages other than Japanese?

About our Programs

What is the difference between 「Zipan Program」,「Other Programs」and「Assist Lesson」?

「Zipan Program」is our standard program designed to help you gain a solid communication and cultural foundation using our original learning materials.

「Other Programs」focus on helping you enhance specific business skills using our original learning materials.

「Assist Lesson」focus on on supporting you with your immediate business tasks such as writing Japanese emails, proofreading documents, or preparing for a presentation etc.

You can choose from any of these 3 programs every time you make a reservation.

How do I use Assist Lesson?

What are Other Programs?

How much are the original learning materials?

Do you have Programs for children?

I am about to complete a rank, when can I see next rank's materials?

Can I use my own textbooks for lessons?

Can you correct the Japanese text I prepared?

About temporarily suspending your membership

How do I temporarily suspend my membership?

To stop your subscription or unsubscribe, please go to [CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION] in [My Zipan].

*CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION is a temporary suspension of your membership. You will not be charged your monthly membership but will still have access to your account and progress. You can restart your membership and lessons any time you wish and pick up from where you left off.

Please note that your lesson tickets will expired at the start of your suspension.

Go to CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION (You need to login to proceed)

By when do I need to file for a temporary suspension?

How do I restart my membership from temporary suspension?

What is the difference between CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION and Unsubscribe?

Please show me how to Unsubscribe.

Devices & Accessories

What do I need to take lessons?

You will need to connect your PC (a smartphone or tablet is also fine) to the internet and have Skype installed. To ensure you have the best experience, please also have a microphone headset and a webcam.

Can I take a lesson with a smartphone or a tablet?

Is a webcam necessary?

Can I use the internal mic of my PC?

About Skype

What is the difference between Skype Name and Skype ID

[Skype Name] (Skype ID) is an ID automatically assigned by Microsoft. It can not be changed after registration.
[Skype Display Name], on the other hand, refers to a nickname that you can change yourself.

[Skype Name] is composed of the string "live:".

・ When Microsoft account is obtained by phone number
"Live: (random string)"

・ When acquired by e-mail address
"Live: (before @ of e-mail address)"

※ For older versions of Skype, there may be some instances in which "live:" is not attached.

How can I confirm my Skype name?

What is Skype?

Is there any cost for communication / call when using Skype?

How do I contact Skype customer support?

About Price and Payment

How do I pay?

You can pay with your credit card (Paypal).

Please proceed to [PRICE & PAYMENT] page in your My Zipan

Are there any other costs other than the monthly subscription fee?

How long do I have to wait to begin lessons after paying?

How do I pay after the second month?

If I enroll in the middle of the month, when can I start?

Do you issue official receipts?

Is the cooling-off system applicable?

If I apply with my employment benefits (Benefit Station, WELBOX), when can I start taking lessons?

About Troubles

I haven't received an email after registering.

Depending on your email service provider, emails from Zipan may be mistakenly classified as spam or junk mail. Please check your spam or junk folder first, and if you don't find it in there, please contact Zipan Support (support@zipan.jp

I cannot login to My Zipan page.

Skype audio quality is poor and it is impacting my lessons

My first-time trainer has not sent me a Skype contact request

My lesson has started but I have not received a call from my trainer

What if I can not take a lesson due to a problem?

I haven't received a Skype contact request after receiving the [Skype Request Sent] email notification