Orihinal business japanese learning materials


Choose from 3 types of lessons to maximize your learning

Zipan offers 3 unique lesson types and a variety of original materials to address your learning needs. Build your core communication technique, enhance specific business skills, and even get support with your Japanese tasks. Whatever your goals are, our lessons and materials are here to help you succeed.

Zipan Program

The Zipan Core Program was designed to develop your business Japanese foundations. Learn effective communcation strategies and take your business Japanese to the next level.

Lesson Types & Materials
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Other Programs

Gain additional communication skills outside of the Zipan Core Program and enhance your Japanese business skills even further.

Lesson Types & Materials
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Assist Lesson

Get assistance from your trainers with your real-world Japanese business tasks. Have your trainer help you with your Japanese emails, proofread a document, or give you advice on your presentation. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.
Learn what you want with Assist lessons